Community Development


In 1986, a Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID) was created by vote of the downtown property owners for community development, streetscape and beautification improvements. They agreed to tax themselves as an additional assessment every year for 20 years to revitalize the area. Their action, the dedication of their leaders and the cooperation of the City of Cedar Rapids, gave downtown an opportunity to renew itself, and helped create the emerging downtown neighborhood we enjoy today. The healthy mix of business, cultural institutes and residential opportunities that exists now and planned for the future is a testimony to their foresight.

Today, the SSMID Commission is composed of property owners or representatives appointed by the Mayor to continue these initiatives, and remain visionaries in our plans for the vitality of downtown Cedar Rapids. The SSMID Commission works closely with the Economic Alliance to help carry out the commission's strategic plan and meet its goals.

Learn more about what the SSMID Commission is working on by reading the most recent meeting minutes.

Downtown SSMID Commission

  • Randy Rings (Chair)
    TrueNorth Companies
  • Ron Corbett
    Cedar Rapids Mayor
  • Jon Dusek
    Armstrong Development Company
  • Steve Dummermuth Jr.
    IGD Industries
  • Judy Eckmann
    Pepsi Beverages Co. 
  • Tiffany Earl
    Skogman Realty
  • Marty Hoeger
    Neighborhood Development Corp.
  • Nancy Kasparek
    US Bank  
  • Ann Lipsky
  • Chris Lindell
    Guaranty Bank & Trust Co.
  • Linda Mattes
    Alliant Energy
  • Doug Olson
    GreatAmerica Financial Services
  • Jeff Pomeranz
    Cedar Rapids City Manager
  • John Riccolo
    Riccolo & Semelroth
  • Cathy Terukina
    SourceMedia Group
  • Fred Timko
    Down to Earth Development, LLC

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