Czech Village/New Bohemia Plans for Next Chapter of the District

Jun 11, 2018

A commission composed of property owners in the Czech Village/New Bohemia District are focusing efforts on a few key priorities. Known by the acronym “SSMID” (for Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District), this commission is charged with responsibly spending tax dollars generated from within the district on district priorities. The Economic Alliance recently began a partnership with the Czech Village/New Bohemia SSMID as its fiscal and administrative agent.

At its May meeting, the commission determined that district-wide communications and streetscape beautification were two areas in which it could make the most difference immediately. The commission continues discussions about a third focus area that could potentially be more of a “game-changing” initiative. The SSMID has been participating in City of Cedar Rapids-led discussions about the role of various groups in the district. The outcome of those meetings could further define the best role for the SSMID to play, though it's clear the commission wants to be a strong leader in district development.

“As payers of the SSMID tax, members of the commission all have real skin in the game,” said commission chair Craig Byers. “This is a fast-growing and fast-changing district, and we're all working to figure out how to make it as successful as it can possibly be. The SSMID can and will play a major role in that.”

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