New Campaign, Downtown Cedar Rapids Sucks, Launches on Social Media

Jun 28, 2018

A recently launched social media campaign for Downtown Cedar Rapids is quickly garnering attention. The campaign, Downtown Cedar Rapids Sucks, aims to pique interest in downtown housing opportunities, events, quality of life and businesses.

The first of a four-part video series went live on Sunday, June 23. Click here to watch the first video which focuses on downtown housing and the amenities of living within close proximity to entertainment, restaurants, coffee shops and more. The video leads viewers to, a landing page with information about the benefits of and options for urban housing.

Do we think Downtown Cedar Rapids sucks? No. Downtown Cedar Rapids is vibrant, lively and cultured. Too often, in Iowa and here locally, we can be humble about our successes and how truly amazing our communities are. With satire, the campaign aims to ignite conversation and interest in Downtown Cedar Rapids.

The campaign demands attention on a platform where success is made in capturing attention quickly, and is made to be shared widely.

The Economic Alliance is working with local creative marketing agency Fusionfarm to create these colorful, unexpected and fast-paced videos. Watch for the three remaining videos on Downtown Cedar Rapids social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) later this year.

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