Federal Funding Awarded for Cedar Rapids Flood Control

Jul 26, 2018

Following years of hard work and perseverance, the City of Cedar Rapids received word they will receive $117 million in Federal funding for its planned Flood Control System. Appropriations ensuring construction of the Cedar Rapids Flood Protection Plan has been the Economic Alliance's number one federal priority for years. The Plan is paramount in protecting Cedar Rapids' core districts, including Downtown Cedar Rapids.

The total project cost estimate for the complete Flood Control System is $550 million. The State of Iowa has committed to contributing $267 million — 35% of the total cost. Federal and City contributions are also a critical part of the overall funding plan. The City will match $110 million, with $10 million already invested. City leaders are currently developing ideas to determine a funding source for the City’s commitment as well as additional funding gaps necessary to construct the entire system.

Cedar Rapids residents and businesses owners attended a joint City council committee meeting on July 9 to voice their support and encouragement for the City to develop a plan for funding the remaining portion of the Flood Control System. The meeting provided the public an opportunity to share their opinions on permanent flood protection, including discussing the importance of flood control and ideas for funding the complete Flood Control System. Read more about the meeting on the City's website.

Several flood control projects have been completed and several more are underway, but there is still a need for funding to complete the entire permanent flood control system. Visit the City's website for more information on the Flood Control System.

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