Celebrating Our Growing Community

Sep 26, 2018

Existing businesses represent some of our largest potential for economic growth. Business expansion projects can mean building out an existing location, creating new jobs within a current facility or building a second location in the area. Driving around the Cedar Rapids metro, it’s impossible to not see signs of growth like construction sites and renderings for new or enhanced buildings. There’s a lot to celebrate.

To shed more light on the job growth and capital investment existing businesses bring, and to thank them for their commitment to this community, we’ve debuted celebratory banners across the metro with a simple but powerful message: Congratulations on growing our community!

Our Business Retention and Expansion team recently distributed banners to member businesses in Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha and Marion, and we have more. Creating an exhaustive list of business expansion projects can be difficult as it is ever-changing, but with your help we'll be able to better track this growth. If you are a member of the Economic Alliance and would like a celebratory banner or a window sign for your expansion project, contact Business Retention and Expansion Strategist, Ron Corbett at rcorbett@cedarrapids.org.

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