Region-Wide Collaboration in Surveying Small Businesses

Mar 28, 2019

As an organization that represents the business community, it’s vital for the Economic Alliance to always have a pulse on our community’s opportunities and challenges. We exist to assist growth in our area.

Recently the Economic Alliance released our 2018 Existing Industry Report, which complied data from more than 100 interstate commerce businesses. Interstate commerce businesses conduct most of their business outside of Iowa and have a significant number of customers outside of Iowa. Therefore, they have excellent insight into how our business environment compares to other areas. The surveys are part of a program called Synchronist and we can compare the data we collect with similar data from region, state and nationwide.

In 2019, economic development organizations across the region are collectively expanding by surveying non-interstate commerce businesses, through Main Street surveys. Much of this data will address topics tailored to small, local businesses.

While we have anecdotally gathered this information from members in a similar fashion for years, the regional collaboration is significant. The Economic Alliance, ICR IOWA, the business community, and economic development partners will benefit from asking the same questions and being able to compare and track results over time. Smaller, rural communities will have the opportunity to better gauge the future of growing their communities and local businesses.

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