Connecting With Industry Peers Through Forums

Jun 24, 2019

Conversations with peers in your field can provide immense value. They understand your unique opportunities and challenges while sharing insights on their past experiences that you can learn from.

Economic Alliance members are eligible to join any of our three Forums: Marketing Forum, Executive Issues Forum and Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Forum. The format for these sessions includes guest speakers, group problem solving, and sharing of best practices. Groups meet monthly, with time of day determined by group preference, and location rotating among members or at the Economic Alliance.

The Marketing Forum is designed to foster growth and development of marketing professionals, as well as meet other marketing professionals. Driven by group discussion, participants will receive advice and tips, learn from others, and grow their professional network.

The Executive Issues Forum is designed to foster discussion around leadership topics, challenges and ongoing leadership skills development. Driven primarily by group discussion, and featuring occasional guest speakers, participants will expand their peer network, receive tips and advice, learn from others and continue their growth and development as organizational leaders. Executives participating typically lead organizations with 10 or more employees.

The ESOP Forum aims to build a network among local ESOP executives while exploring their local economic impact and assisting each other through increasing ESOP percentage.

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