Ignite ICR: Regional Internship Programming Introduces Interns to ICR IOWA

Jun 24, 2019

Summer is officially underway, and interns from across the country are calling Iowa City-Cedar Rapids (ICR) home during their summer internships. Workforce is the top concern for area businesses, we hear it all the time. The influx of college interns presents an exciting and important opportunity to showcase the excellent quality of life we enjoy, to strengthen intern’s consideration of a full-time role here in the future. While employers keep interns engaged during the hours of 9-5, we’ll keep them entertained in their time outside of work with Ignite ICR.

Ignite ICR is a summer event series giving interns the opportunity to meet one another, explore our incredible culture, connect with young professionals, and imagine a future for themselves in ICR. The first event of the series, the Summer Kick-Off Party was held early in early June at NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids. Interns gathered to meet one another with a few rounds of speed networking, sample Market vendors and get information about how to make the most of their time over the next several months. The next event is the Spark Your Appetite Dinner on Saturday, June 29 at 6 p.m. At this progressive dinner event, participants will have the opportunity to dine at local restaurants in the region, try something new and connect with each other.

A send-off party, Stoke the Flames, is planned for Thursday, July 18 from 3-5 p.m. at Big Grove in Iowa City. It’s not a goodbye, but a chance to keep in touch with friends made over the summer and recap the experiences and places that have helped create an impactful summer. Get more information about Ignite ICR atigniteicr.org.

Ignite ICR is hosted by the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with ICR IOWA.

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