New Sculptures on Display in MedQ Park on 3rd

Jun 28, 2019


There are a couple new additions to the MedQ Park on 3rd! Thanks to Gilded Pear Gallery, two sculptures are now on display.

Cedar Rapids native Tom Newport created both pieces. Tom graduated from Cornell College in 1977 and has since lived in Cedar Rapids building his own jewelry design and sculpture business. The red sculpture is called "Big Red Arch" and the silver sculpture is called "Forest Burning."

“My fabricated stainless steel sculptures are often outwardly abstract, but are closely linked to nature and reality. The energy and the vitality expressed in my compositions reflect a subtle inner strength and spirit that expands and interacts gracefully with space and the surrounding environment. My work is inspired by my experience in floral and jewelry design as well as a general observation of the world around me.” -Tom Newport

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