Regional Business Attraction Team Targets Key Site Location Decision Makers in Upcoming Campaign

Jun 24, 2019

Business attraction work centers around helping companies that do not currently have a location in Iowa City-Cedar Rapids (ICR), locate here. It is a foundational component of the work of ICR IOWA, the regional business and workforce attraction entity.

These new businesses, or clients, as we refer to them, are typically within one of our primary industry clusters including Automation and Engineering, Food and Bioprocessing, Insurance and Finance, Medical Technology, or Educational Technology. They often have a national or international reach and a project that will create new jobs in our region that pay as much or more than our current average wage.

Over the past 18 months, ICR IOWA has worked on 43 projects. Of those, two have chosen to locate in our region and 13 are currently considering an ICR location. Project opportunities reach us through partners who market our region externally, including the Iowa Economic Development Authority and our utility economic development teams. We also pursue opportunities directly through targeted marketing and sales strategies. The ICR IOWA team has completed 11 sales trips and attended seven trade shows since January 2018. Those efforts have generated several project opportunities and new relationships that could lead to projects in the future.

To bring in even more leads, we’re launching a new digital campaign with the support of Cedar Rapids firm de Novo Marketing. The campaign began with research that identified more than 1,900 c-suite and real estate executives within targeted and growing companies that are a good match to our market. de Novo also identified 79 national and international site consultants to target. Site consultants are hired by companies to scout possible locations for a business. Custom emails and digital ads will raise awareness about Iowa City-Cedar Rapids with these audiences and connect with companies who may not have considered our market in the past.

As a part of this campaign and our future marketing and sales efforts, we are developing a network of former Iowans who are in key roles within targeted industries. The research for our new campaign identified 38 people that once called the Hawkeye State home and who could open new doors for our business attraction team.

Business attraction is a challenging pursuit, but we hope these initiatives will increase our high-quality project opportunities and, ultimately, lead to new employers with outstanding jobs for our citizens.

ICR IOWA is a joint venture between the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and the Iowa City Area Development Group with a mission to accelerate high-quality job growth and capital investment in our seven-county region.

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