Storm Drain Mural Project Returns to Educate on Storm Drain Pollutants

Jun 19, 2019

Ever wonder what happens to everything that goes down the storm drain? Well, it goes to the Cedar River. Many people assume that pollutants flowing down storm drains will be treated at the water pollution control facility. This assumption is not true.

Dumping grease, cigarettes and trash into storm drains is forbidden. The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, with support from the City of Cedar Rapids, is coordinating the creation of eight murals on storm drains in Downtown Cedar Rapids with the goal of visually transforming them and providing education around the storm water cycle.

This project began last summer, with the transformation of seven storm drains in Downtown Cedar Rapids. New this year, the transformed storm drains are in even more prominent locations throughout the district, including in Kingston Village. Not only is this project educational, but public art creates a more vibrant and welcoming district. Look for the new storm drain murals in late July and early August. We're accepting applications now from artists that would like to create a storm drain mural. Apply here by July 1.

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