Inclusive ICR Launches First Diversity Resource Guide

Jul 11, 2019

Late last month, ICR IOWA announced the launch of Inclusive ICR’s new African American Resource Guide. The guide is the first in a series of online publications designed to serve as a resource for varying populations relocating or currently living in Iowa City-Cedar Rapids (ICR) and can be found on ICR IOWA’s newcomer website,

The Inclusive ICR Coalition developed the guide to enhance newcomer experiences in our region. In particular, coalition members wanted to showcase opportunities to network, meet new friends, and find roots within their new home.

A core pillar of Inclusive ICR’s mission is to make the region home for newcomers establishing roots here. Creating accessible resource guides for specific populations provides newcomers the opportunity to make immediate community connections.

Consultant Oather Taylor, a respected African American professional who moved to Cedar Rapids 19 years ago, provided leadership during the guide’s creation. Taylor developed the guide with support and guidance from many local organizations and partners.

Members of the coalition recognize that while the guide in current form is impressive, additions to the list of resources will develop with awareness of the project. The guide is intended to grow as and further develop as awareness builds and others offer suggestions.

Inclusive ICR is also working on the development of additional guides that will launch later this summer. The hope is for local employers to share all of the resources offered with employees relocating to ICR to help them acclimate to their new home.

In addition to Inclusive ICR Iowa’s work, the ICR Iowa workforce team continues to develop new assets such as a Newcomer Website, the ICR Talent Hub, and the Wingman Community Onboarding Program. All efforts seek to help newcomers connect and build lasting relationships and feel welcome in our community.

ICR IOWA is a joint venture between the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and the Iowa City Area Development Group with the mission to accelerate high-quality job growth and capital investment in a seven-county region.

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