Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada is a Big Deal for Iowa

Aug 28, 2019

The continued success of manufacturing and other industries in Iowa depends on all of us using our collective voice to urge Congress to pass the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), our new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. More than 130,000 Iowa jobs are supported by trade with Canada and Mexico and Iowa businesses, farmers and industries export $6.6 billion alone to the two countries. Many of those businesses, industries and jobs are here in our metro area.

Congress needs to hear loudly and clearly why USMCA is a big deal for Iowa.

It is imperative the agreement is approved this year in order to avoid the politics of the upcoming presidential election year. We urge all Economic Alliance members to contact Congress and ask them to approve the deal. TAKE ACTION NOW to tell Congress why passing USMCA is so important to our businesses. A tool from the National Association of Manufacturers at allows you to send an email to your member of Congress that urges them to support USMCA.

Trade is important for Iowa, and the approval of USMCA will ensure U.S. manufacturers, farmers, and service providers can continue to access the Canadian and Mexican markets.

To learn more about USMCA and trade in Iowa, check out this information sheet:

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