Czech Village/New Bohemia Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District Commission Discusses 2020 Priorities

Oct 29, 2019

The Czech Village/New Bohemia Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID) Commission reviewed, discussed and provided feedback on a long list of 2020 priority options in order to start narrowing down focus areas for the coming year, in addition to the Commission's current focuses of stakeholder communications and streetscape opportunities.

Examples of a few focus areas discussed include:

  • District collaboration - adopt a joint project with Downtown and MedQuarter districts
  • Additional streetscape aesthetics - amp up existing focus with more of the same or extending into benches, garbage cans, lighting and more
  • Public Art - create and maintain public art in the district
  • Parking - work on capacity and operational issues to alleviate any concerns of congestion or lack of parking availability or the perception of a lack of parking availability
  • Advocacy on City's district plan - be the champion by educating people about the plan, advocating for progress and communicating successes or next steps

Commission members were asked to rank their top eight preferred options. The narrowed list will be discussed during the November SSMID Commission meeting with 2020 priorities then determined.

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