ICR IOWA's Talent Hub By the Numbers

Oct 16, 2019

The ICR Talent Hub is a pool of professionals interested in new career opportunities in Iowa City-Cedar Rapids. Candidates are identified through targeted marketing campaigns implemented by ICR IOWA and then connected with local employers through bi-weekly electronic lists.

What makes these candidates unique? Their interest in moving (or moving back) to ICR!

They are identified through campaigns that specifically target professionals who want to be here, which often leads to a higher capture rate and a longer retention rate. The ICR IOWA team talks with each candidate individually to identify their skills, interests, and hopefully an ideal career match.

Employers must be members of the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance or investors in the Iowa City Area Development Group at the $1,000+ annual level to receive the list of these and many more ICR Talent Hub candidates.

For more information, contact ICR IOWA Director of Talent Attraction, Tim Carty, at tcarty@icriowa.org.

ICR IOWA is a joint venture between the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and the Iowa City Area Development Group that ensures Iowa City-Cedar Rapids (ICR) prospers through community-aligned business attraction and workforce development.

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