Young Professionals Group Hosting Two Iowa Legislators to Discuss Finding Bipartisan Policy Solutions in Today's Political Climate

Oct 21, 2019

ImpactCR is the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance’s young professionals program and aims to create experiences that connect young professionals to people and places in our community. One of the Economic Alliance's Public Policy Principles is to encourage elected officials and citizens to be civil in discussions and debates on policy issues and political opinions.

In that spirit, ImpactCR will host two members of the Iowa legislature who are working to solve conflict and find middle ground in today's bitter political climate. Senator Zach Wahls (D-Coralville, pictured below, left) and Representative Joe Mitchell (R-Mount Pleasant, pictured below, right) will be discussing their participation in the Iowa Future Caucus - a group of the state’s youngest lawmakers dedicated to reaching bipartisan policy solutions addressing issues faced by millennials and future generations. This event will be held on November 13 from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the Cedar Rapids Public Library at 450 Fifth Ave SE. Click here to register now.

The Iowa Future Caucus is part of the State Future Caucus Network, an initiative of the Millennial Action Project. The Millennial Action Project was founded by college students who were concerned about the direction of the country, but inspired by the potential for the next generation of American leaders to change course. Over the next year, they formed a founding team to build a new organization dedicated to renewing American democracy. In collaboration with dozens of millennial leaders across the country, and with the generous support of visionary philanthropists, the Millennial Action Project was formed and officially launched in 2013.Senator Wahls and Representative Mitchell will discuss how they reach consensus on legislation and the many ways that constituents can support the mission of Iowa Future Caucus. Attendees will be asked to complete an exercise where they’ll be placed into groups and asked to come to consensus on a given topic, even if group members disagree on what the “right” outcome should be. Young professionals will also be able to ask questions about bipartisanship and meet others interested in public policy.

Currently, 29 states have Future Caucuses, including Iowa, that consist of members of the state legislature under 40 years of age. Their mission is to foster bipartisan dialogue among young and innovative legislators committed to working on the issues facing millennials and future generations. Future Caucus members are committed to pragmatically working towards a culture of political cooperation.

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