ICR Future: Critical Need for High School Internships in ICR

Nov 25, 2019

Availability of workforce is a top concern for our region’s employers. Building a strong talent pipeline is an important tactic in building ICR Iowa’s workforce pool. ICR Future and Kirkwood Community College’s Workplace Learning Connection are focused on equipping businesses with the next generation of workforce by facilitating and encouraging work-based learning opportunities.

Currently, student demand for work-based learning is outpacing business support. There is a critical need for internships for high school juniors and seniors in a handful of industries, shown below.

  • 30 Engineering Internships
  • 30 Research/Lab Internships
  • 30 Information/Data Technology Internships
  • 10 Healthcare Internships
  • 10 Architectural Internships

High school internships are not nearly as formal as a college internship. They require a student to be in a business for 45-90 hours over the course of a term. This could be an opportunity for your business to conduct a prolonged interview with an individual who may become a future job candidate. High school internships could be viewed as more of a high-quality job shadow.

Head to Workplace Learning Connection’s website at www.workplace-learning.org to connect to the Workplace Learning Connection team and get started today. Learn about ICR Future’s efforts to build our future workforce at www.ICRFuture.org.

ICR IOWA is a joint venture between the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance and the Iowa City Area Development Group that ensures Iowa City-Cedar Rapids (ICR) prospers through community-aligned business attraction and workforce development.

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