Downtown Gleams and Glitters with Holiday Cheer

Dec 17, 2019

The holidays are shining bright with Downtown Cedar Rapids wrapped up in lights, garland and bows. Greene Square glimmers with lights, city sidewalk planters are popping with color and skywalks feel warmer with wreaths dotting the way. The Downtown Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District Commission’s holiday decor plan provides placemaking and beautification in Downtown Cedar Rapids, inviting residents and visitors to explore the thriving district full of local shops, restaurants and events.

Brian Glick (pictured right), co-founder and artistic director of Revival Theatre Company, was hired to bring the holiday magic to life. Assessing the current stock of lights, wreaths, bows, and assorted decorations, Glick’s vision was carried through to bring a cohesive, traditional, and cheery aesthetic to the district. The experience, Glick says, has been a good challenge; proving both enjoyable and insightful. The festive glow from trees and garland should make shopping, dining or strolling through downtown a delight this season!

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