ImpactCR Will Engage and Connect with Young Professionals to Support Retainment

Mar 27, 2020

The ImpactCR Advisory Board is proud of the progress made over the past decade in affecting change in the young professional community. During strategic discussions, the Board challenged themselves to imagine what the next decade could bring, and how to continue the success of this young professionals group into 2020 and beyond while incorporating the goals of the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance.

Board members felt that it wasn’t enough to just connect the young professionals to people and places - they want to create experiences and engage young professionals, in an effort to retain more young professionals to the area. Moving forward, ImpactCR’s mission is as follows: ImpactCR creates experiences that connect and engage young professionals to people and places in our community.

The Board has created an ImpactCR Strategic Plan, with three big areas of focus:

1. Connections and Engagement - ImpactCR will support several key Economic Alliance goals through assisting in efforts to retain local college students and interns. The board will provide support for the CR City Tour, a program for college juniors and seniors that highlights quality of life and economic opportunities in Cedar Rapids. This year, ImpactCR will be more intentional about reaching out and including college students in all ImpactCR programs.

2. Leadership Development - New this year, ImpactCR will facilitate opportunities that give young professionals the chance to make their voice heard by policy makers. Economic Alliance member businesses will have the opportunity to participate in a Leaders Roundtable featuring City of Cedar Rapids city council members, where young professionals can learn more about city Council, what issues council members work on, how these issues affect residents and why the council members choose to serve.

3. Community Awareness - Monthly Siren Wednesday networking events will highlight an upcoming event, nonprofit organization, or community asset the Board believes is relevant to the young professional community.

To view ImpactCR’s Strategic Plan in its entirety, visit If you’re interested in learning more about getting involved with ImpactCR, reach out to Jordan Atwater, Young Professional Recruitment Specialist at or 319-730-1412.

Category: Business Support

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