Census Responses Help with Funding, Infrastructure, Health Care, Schools and More

May 05, 2020

The U.S. Census Bureau continues to collect data despite suspending field operations to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The suspension impacted the Bureau’s hiring and onboarding process. As of time of print of this publication, by late May, census takers around the nation will begin visiting households that have not yet responded to the 2020 Census to help complete the count.

Respond to the Census by Mail or Online

There’s no need to wait for a census worker to come to your door to respond! By now, most household have received their forms in the mail. For the first time, you can respond to the census online at www.my2020census.gov.

Why Census Data is Important

All Economic Alliance members should encourage their employees to respond to the census. An accurate count ensures that states and communities get the resources they need to serve residents. The U.S. government uses the census count to determine how more than $600 billion in annual federal funding is distributed to states and communities for things like infrastructure and roads, health care, schools and more.

Businesses use census data to make decisions like where to open a business or expand operations. The Economic Alliance relies on census data too, to analyze the health of our business community and help tell the story of our community to the rest of the world.

Local governments and entities use the findings to determine things like bus routes and how to plan for emergencies. Census data also impacts state political representation at the federal level. Representation in U.S. House of Representatives and the presidential electoral college election system are both determined by census counts. It’s easy to see how accurately counting every person is vital to our state’s interests being heard on all levels of government.

Learn more on the census, how it’s gathered and why it’s vital at www.2020census.gov.

Census Toolkit for Businesses

Looking for ways to communicate the census to your employees? We’ve joined a national organization called Ready Nation to provide our members with access to a Census Toolkit for Businesses which includes:

  • Draft language for a written communication to employees
  • Talking points for a staff event or meeting
  • Links to social media graphics, and
  • A flyer that can be posted in a break room, storefront, or near a cash register.
  • Access the Census Toolkit for Businesses at www.cedarrapids.org/publicpolicy.


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