​Next Phase of Federal Financial Aid Package

May 13, 2020

House Democrats and Senate Republicans continue to separately hash out details on their versions of the next federal stimulus legislation. House Speaker Pelosi announced the House may act as soon as Friday, while Senate Majority Leader McConnell indicated he prefers to wait until the remainder of the almost $3 trillion in legislation that’s already been allocated to address the pandemic. A new package is not expected to pass Congress until after Memorial Day.

Some of the items in consideration by either of both sides of the aisle that the Economic Alliance is advocating for include:

  • Continued assistance to small business and nonprofit to keep them running, including gaps and technical fixes to previous aid
  • Aid for childcare providers and centers to ready them for working parents return to work
  • Liability protection to hold businesses harmless from damaging litigation for those who act is good faith for their employees and customers
  • Aid for local and state governments with a population less than 500,000 to help meet the shortfalls due to the coronavirus so services aren’t interrupted, and burdens don’t fall back on taxpayers
  • More targeted aid to the restaurant and other community quality of life entities.

Category: Public Policy

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