MedQuarter Regional Medical District Shows Gratitude to Health Care and Essential Workers

Jun 01, 2020

As Iowa’s only medical district, the MedQuarter is filled with many health care and essential workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants in the District are struggling in the face of necessary health guidelines. Doctors, nurses and support staff are facing unprecedented challenges.

Thank You Energy Packs

As a token of gratitude for health care and essential workers, and to infuse dollars into the handful of food service businesses located in the MedQuarter, the District delivered 1,000 energy packs to health care and essential workers at 25 locations in the MedQuarter in April.

Each energy pack was filled with high protein snacks from Brother’s Catering and gift certificates to MedQuarter businesses including Kathy’s Pies & Bakery, Caribou Coffee Phong Lan, Riley’s Cafe or Via Sofia’s. Inside each energy pack was also a special thank you note from the Medical Self-Supported Improvement District Commission. Words of appreciation quickly started popping up on social media.

“In addition to feeling appreciated, energy pack recipients really liked that the snacks were healthy and portable,” Phil Wasta, Executive Director of the MedQuarter said. “Then, the fact that the gift certificates could be used at their convenience was huge. This was truly a win, win, win for all involved.”

Thank You Banners and Yard Signs

Two banners thanking health care and essential workers went on display last month in the MedQuarter. One banner is proudly displayed in the MedQ Park on 3rd, at the intersection of Third Avenue & Eighth Street SE. The other, pictured, is at a highly visible entry point in the District, on A Avenue near the Interstate 380 on-ramp. Additionally, yard signs will dot the District as a reminder of gratitude for all of the essential workers.

These public displays help us remember that inside our hospitals, clinics, private practices and essential businesses, people show up every day to help others, and for that, it never hurts to say thank you!

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