ConnectCR Achieves Funding, Moves Forward in Planning Stages

Jul 30, 2020

ConnectCR announced it surpassed a $7 million private fundraising effort in just 19 months. The project will combine the private contributions with $5 million contribution from the City of Cedar Rapids over the next five years and $5 million from The Hall-Perrine Foundation, along with a 2-to-1 matching grant. ConnectCR will now move forward seeking state, federal and private foundation grant monies to reach the $20 million mark. The ConnectCR project is expected to be completed within five years.

ConnectCR brings together two major projects in Cedar Rapids - the revitalization of Cedar Lake, including a boardwalk, wetlands preservation, paddle sport launch, floating islands, and nature-based playground, and the creation of an iconic pedestrian/trail bridge spanning the Czech Village/New Bohemia District. ConnectCR’s mission is to improve the quality of life in Linn County and beyond by expanding connectivity for recreation, improving under-utilized community assets, leveraging flood mitigation, and to create an iconic symbol for Cedar Rapids.

ConnectCR aligns directly with many parts of the Vision Downtown Cedar Rapids Plan. The project energizes Cedar Lake as a connector to Downtown, embraces the river as a connector to create a more cohesive Downtown and creates continuity at the Cedar River Trail, the portion of which is part of the nationwide American Discovery Trail. Learn more about ConnectCR at

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