MedQuarter Aims to Become First 'COVID-Conscious' District in the Country

Jul 30, 2020

The MedQuarter Regional Medical District has joined forces with Mask of Wellness to encourage businesses in the District to follow ‘COVID-Conscious’ guidelines. The MedQuarter aims to become the first-ever ‘COVID-Conscious’ District by having 80% of businesses in the District pledge to follow Mask of Wellness guidelines. A listing of MedQuarter businesses that have self-certified with Mask of Wellness can be found at Businesses will continue to be added to this listing.

“As a medical district, the MedQuarter finds it very important to encourage patient and customer health and safety in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic while also supporting economic recovery,” said Phil Wasta, Executive Director, MedQuarter Regional Medical District. “As businesses and venues reopen within public health guidelines, it’s important to show patients and customers visiting the MedQuarter that businesses are being safe and actively working to keep people healthy.”

Mask of Wellness is a nationwide strategic approach to opening society in a manner promoting wellness – socially, physically, and economically. Started in Iowa City by two doctors, Mask of Wellness supports following three elements of safety:

1. Masks are worn in all areas of the work environment.

2. Hygiene is respected for hands and surfaces.

3. Health – signs of illness are recognized and screened for.

“We have been hit hard this year by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we can be open to customers, it’s incredibly important that people feel safe when they support our business,” said Jen Aiels, Owner, Moniker 86 Social Club. “The collaboration between Mask of Wellness and the MedQuarter shows the public that this District is committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy.”

Businesses in the MedQuarter interested in joining this effort can learn more at

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