Monumental Mural Brings More Vibrancy to Kingston Village's Rowell Building

Aug 25, 2020

A new mural is set to be completed later this month in Kingston Village on the east facade of the Rowell building at 1020 Third Ave. SW. The project is a partnership between the Cedar Rapids Downtown Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District and Murals & More, with major sponsorship contributions from ImOn Communications, building owners Rowell Hardware Development, and Gary Rozek and Fred Timko for Popoli Restaurant.

A request for proposal garnered several artist submissions from which Ruben Aguirre’s work was chosen. Aguirre is a Chicago-based painter who expands on the roots of style writing with a non-narrative approach to mural painting. His interest lies in drawing attention to underutilized infrastructure as a potential substrate.

He has produced a number of murals in the Chicago area, across the nation, and abroad. Aguirre’s work is an intersection of abstract graffiti and formalism, and has been exhibited in the National Museum of Mexican Art, the Chicago Cultural Center, and Hyde Park Center.

The project is part of the Economic Alliance’s core function of Community Development to support district beautification and to champion quality of life projects. The completion of this project fulfills multiple tactics outlined in the Vision Downtown Cedar Rapids Plan, a framework to create an even greater, more vibrant experience in Downtown Cedar Rapids. The full plan is available at

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