Rally C.A.P. Relief While Our Local Businesses Stay in the Game

Oct 29, 2020

When the Economic Alliance launched Rally C.A.P. in early June, we tapped into an incredible community spirit. People were eager to help restaurants, retailers and other small businesses get back on their feet after the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Our baseball-themed Rally C.A.P. Challenge gave people a chance to collect Rally cards from numerous participating businesses and then trade them in for baseball caps and other merchandise. We started seeing caps everywhere, and then we added signs in business windows, billboards, media advertising and used the theme in public speaking opportunities. Finally, transition of a wildly popular “buy local” Facebook page to a Rally C.A.P. theme connected thousands of people to our unified cause.

By all accounts, the effort has been successful and did exactly what we had hoped it would in terms of spurring the local economy and rallying people to have a local-first mindset. We could certainly pack up our bats and gloves and move on to the next game.

But here’s the thing we maybe didn’t fully appreciate back in June. First, the struggles of small businesses aren’t over. 2020 continues to throw us curveballs. Also, the Rally C.A.P. theme is so versatile and so spot-on to our mission. The C.A.P. stands for Champion And Protect, and that message translates into so much more that we can do to help in economic recovery and businesses success. So, rather than moving on to the next game, we want to play another inning.

You’ll see Champion And Protect punctuate our buy local holiday shopping messages and blended into our already-successful Buy Here, Give Here, Grow Here campaign. And the innings beyond that? Well, we’ve got a bullpen full of ideas as our community development, public policy advocacy, business assistance and economic growth work already lends itself to reinforcing that we exist to Champion And Protect businesses.

Although the World Series is about to end this year’s Major League Baseball season, our work continues.


Doug Neumann

Executive Director

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