Despite Pandemic, Employee Engagement Persists Through Corridor Corporate Games

Nov 18, 2020

For good reason, the topic of 2020 has been COVID-19. The virus has impacted us all, including significant changes in terms of how we work and live. It also greatly changed the summer Corridor Corporate Games, but change can be a good thing.

Typically, over twenty in-person events are offered in June and July as part of the Corporate Games. In 2020, that was reduced to seven. “The thought of cancelling the Games was never on our minds,” said Matt Beatty, Chief Operating Officer for the Corridor Corporate Games. “More than ever, there was a need to help companies continue to engage with employees who are no longer in a normal routine. We wanted the Corporate Games to help keep people healthy, active, and together in a safe manner. A friendly competition among companies adds to the fun.”

The staff immediately went to work in March looking at all options. A new slate of virtual events utilizing partner organizations was created, with some in-person activities that allowed for safe social distancing. Employees were encouraged to interact through events such as Name that Tune Trivia and post their times and photos for the virtual 5K. A socially distanced scavenger hunt was held, allowing co-workers to work together on clues virtually while a chosen employee found the physical location to earn company points.

The virtual events received far better reaction than what could have been imagined. Employees that may not otherwise participate for various reasons were able to join in on the fun. “This year’s events were more of a mix of competitive and non-competitive events and that worked well as it gave employees with different preferences ways to participate and have fun,” shared Jill Elliott, HR Manager at Steindler Orthopedic Clinic.

Even with the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, 2020 saw nearly 4,000 participants from 31 companies. CRST International Inc., Van Meter Inc., and Steindler Orthopedic Clinic all were crowned division champions.

A more “normal” version of the Corporate Games is expected in 2021, but some virtual events are here to stay. “We understand the importance of having in-person events and the environment it creates, but we also want to allow as many people to participate as possible and the virtual events allow us to do just that,” said Chuck Long, CEO and Executive Director of the Corridor Corporate Games. “We would like to thank our outstanding partners, company administrators, and all of the employees that participated in 2020. Without your efforts, the games would not have been possible.”

Registration for the 2021 games opens December 1, 2020. To learn more, you can visit the Corridor Corporate Games website at and sign up for one of three information webinars that begin in December.

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