Hotel Millwright Creates 44 New Jobs, Plans for Future Growth Celebrating Amana's Story

Nov 18, 2020

Economic Alliance member The Amana Society, Inc. has been busy this year. Not only did the historic community recently open Hotel Millwright, a 65-room boutique hotel (a now successful project recipient of the Brownfield/Grayfield Redevelopment Tax Credit program), but they have also been huge advocates of the Rally C.A.P. Challenge. The hat pick up location at the Amana Visitor Center distributed the most hats of the whole campaign! It’s safe to say there is strong economic impact taking place in the Amana Colonies. We caught up with them to hear more about the new Hotel Millwright and what this means to the local economy.

Tourism encourages local entrepreneurship, creates jobs, and fosters economic growth in the Amana Colonies.

“In normal years, tourism in the Amana’s generates $20 million in revenue,” states David Rettig, Director of the Amana Colonies Visitors Bureau. “A key factor for economic growth for the Amana Colonies is increasing our overnight stays. Before COVID, the average daily spend per travel party in Iowa was more than $360. With 31% spent on lodging, 20% on food, and 17% on shopping, an extra day in the Colonies makes a huge economic difference”.

Hotel Millwright has created forty-four new jobs for Eastern Iowa residents and plans to grow to over sixty by mid-summer.

Created as a place for memories, a place to share stories, and a place to discover the community, Hotel Millwright focuses on the best possible guest experience.

“Hotel Millwright is different from what one might expect in the Amana Colonies. From the start, our goal was to attract a new generation of visitors,” states Jeff Popenhagen, Chief Revenue Officer for the Amana Society. “There was an unmet need for contemporary lodging with modern amenities in the Colonies. The multi-use campus approach for guests enhances Amana’s position as a hospitality and entertainment destination.”

Hotel Millwright’s blending of old with new showcases the beauty and character of the original mill while highlighting the hotels’ on-site amenities. As a National Historic Landmark, preserving the physical structures was essential in telling Amana’s story. Using those structures in ways that celebrate that story was vital to maintaining this Iowa treasure.

Tourism and American manufacturing keep the Amana Colonies strong. Iowans and Midwesterners love to travel, and Hotel Millwright is an exciting new place to rediscover the Amana Colonies.

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