Rally C.A.P. Challenge Wraps as Buy. Give. Grow. 2020 Champions Local Business

Nov 18, 2020

Local consumers have the power to drive economic growth by supporting local businesses and non-profits. Each dollar spent locally returns an average of 3X more to our community than buying elsewhere. This is the motivation behind the Economic Alliance’s initial Buy Here, Give Here, Grow Here buy local initiative which launched in Fall 2018.

Now in 2020, with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic every business industry has been impacted. We have been thrown a curveball or two. Businesses and community attractions that add to our quality of life are in danger.

In early June 2020, the Economic Alliance announced Rally C.A.P. (Champion and Protect), a community-wide, team approach to support local businesses and arts & cultural attractions, speed economic recovery from the pandemic (and now derecho too), and share the message of pride in our community and safe re-openings.

The Challenge portion of the campaign offered consumers the opportunity to earn their very own Rally C.A.P. just by patronizing their favorite businesses. They collected Rally Cards with every purchase made – and when five cards were collected, Rally caps were secured.

  • 149 local businesses participating
  • 6 locations where cards could be turned in and hats picked up
  • 110,000 Rally cards printed
  • 1,500 hats to distribute
  • 50 jerseys
  • 1,000 stickers
  • 1,000 table tents
  • 501 yard signs (thank you Kings Materials)
  • Advertising: radio, print, television, billboards
  • Rally C.A.P. Social Media Likes – 952/Followers - 970
  • 18,700 Members - Rally C.A.P. Community Facebook group
  • We appreciate the support of our media sponsors that stepped to the plate and helped us hit it out of the park including Corridor Business Journal, The Gazette, Iowa’s News Now, KCRG, KWWL, KRNA, KHAK, KDAT, KZIA, Lamar Advertising and ImOn.

    Next Phase - Let’s Keep Rallying!

    While the “Challenge” portion of Rally CAP wrapped at the end of October, we plan to capitalize on the momentum of the campaign and keep our buy local program going. Rally C.A.P. Buy, Give, Grow 2020 will begin around Small Business Saturday (Nov. 28) to support local shopping for the holiday season.

    We’re combining our previous buy local strategy of Buy Here, Give Here, Grow Here with Rally C.A.P. branding and marketing platforms. This will continue the intent of the original initiative to bring to center stage locally owned businesses, nonprofits and business collaborations that drive our economy.

    This year, however, we’ll offer not just a few selected businesses, but all Rally C.A.P. businesses some level of exposure on social media platforms and websites as well as television, newspaper, radio and billboard marketing opportunities! Our team is cultivating content about Rally C.A.P. businesses (we have 150 to choose from!) that meet the criteria of Buy, Give, Grow and will promote it on a variety of platforms already created by the Rally C.A.P. campaign to push the message out during the holiday season. Specifically, crafted Rally C.A.P. Buy. Give. Grow. 2020 content would continue the messages of:

    Buy Here

    Dollars spent locally circulate in our community creating a greater place to live and work. Buy Here will feature local small businesses that add value and unique products for local consumers while also representing the strength and diversity of our local economy.

    Give Here

    Local nonprofits make up an important part of the business community. Give Here will feature non-profit organizations that have a hand in solving one of the most pressing issues in the region: workforce availability. Nonprofits develop and upskill today and tomorrow’s employees and serve as a community resource to support our workforce.

    Grow Here

    Many businesses grow here through mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships with other businesses. The supplies and resources businesses require for day-to-day operations and to grow are available locally. Grow Here will feature businesses that offer a product or service many businesses could benefit from, while also creating our close-knit, innovative, and neighborly local business culture.

    Watch the Rally C.A.P. – Champion and Protect Local Businesses Facebook page for these stories and more as we get closer to Small Business Saturday and through the holiday season.

    Thank you to our Buy. Give. Grow. Presenting Sponsor GreenState Credit Union. This support of our local business community would not be possible without your support.

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