2021 Economic Alliance Strategic Focuses

Jan 29, 2021

During the Annual Meeting on January 28, Economic Alliance Executive Director, Doug Neumann, laid out the strategies developed and shaped with input from members through discussions at Innovation Council meetings and one-to-one outreach to member businesses in the past year. This collaborative agenda is not only built by all of us working together, but will be executed as such throughout the year too.

Traditional programs and services that members have relied on the Economic Alliance to provide will continue in 2021, specifically under the core functions of Economic Development & Workforce, Public Policy, Business Support and Community Development.

The past year has permanently changed things in our society, and that’s certainly true in our industry. The way that businesses grow and succeed, the way regional economies grow and succeed – there are things that will never again look like they did in 2019. All of this was taken into consideration when developing the 2021 Strategic Plan.

Highlights include:

  • Assist in the development of a 5-Year Regional Economic Development Plan, collaborating with businesses, developers, cities, counties and economic development partners to determine a post-Covid pandemic economic growth strategy for the region.
  • Assist companies and developers to create in the next five years 4,000 jobs, 15 new businesses and $2 billion in capital investment.
  • Extend buy local initiatives for year-round impact and measure small business involvement and economic impacts of the efforts.
  • Launch business programming focused on diversity, equity, inclusion issues, including stakeholder led discussions around race and social justice issues and how those impact business. Check out the new Kirkwood Community College and Economic Alliance cohort opportunity at
  • https://bit.ly/3iOeh0N

  • Build and strengthen relationships with and among urban and rural stakeholders, advocates, and legislators throughout the region to advance our shared interests.
  • To see everything we have planned for 2021, check out our full 2021 Strategic Plan at www.cedarrapids.org/strategicplan.

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