2021 Legislative Session Has Kicked Off

Jan 29, 2021

The 89th Iowa General Assembly has convened, and the Economic Alliance is well prepared for the weeks ahead. Likewise, we’ve also prepared our federal priorities in advance of the new Congress that convened just last week. In December, we began sharing the focus of our state and federal public policy agendas with elected officials and our members. View the agendas at www.cedarrapids.org/publicpolicy.

Since the global pandemic, and the recent major natural disaster, we remain focus on economic growth policy that best support our businesses and communities on the road to recovery. Such as policies that address fair chance hiring, childcare solutions, the hemp industry, criminal justice reform and immigration as a part of our efforts to grow a skilled workforce and open new markets.

As in year’s past, we’ll advocate as a region with our colleagues from the Iowa City Area Business Partnership on behalf of our over 2,000 combined members, as well as collaborated with many of our rural partners throughout the ICR region. In public policy advocacy, there is power in numbers. We advocate collectively advocate to state and federal policy makers to present a unified message on behalf of the ICR business community. One unified voice representing nearly 2,000 businesses has more weight than a singular voice.

Additionally, we remain committed to finding bipartisan solutions and encouraging our elected officials to work together and focus on serving our communities, and we remain committed to leading by example.

Looking for ways to help echo our pro-growth message to policy makers? Here’s what you can do!

  • Contact your state and federal elected officials—a list is available at www.cedarrapids.org/publicpolicy--and introduce yourself. Be sure to tell them you are an Economic Alliance member! Feel free to share the state agenda with state officials and the federal agenda with our federal delegation or staff.
  • Invite your state and/or federal policy makers to visit your company and hear your story. With COVID-19, a virtual visit is also an option. If you would like help with this, please contact Economic Alliance’s public policy strategist, Barbra Solberg, at bsolberg@cedarrapids.org. The Economic Alliance is happy to assist you with this!
  • Take part in Economic Alliance advocacy events and help us advocate our priorities! Talking points and the latest from Des Moines will be provided prior to the event. Contact Barbra Solberg at bsolberg@cedarrapids.org, for more information.
  • Sign up for legislative email alerts at
  • www.cedarrapids.org/publicpolicy to stay informed.

    At times, you may be asked to take action by contacting key legislators.

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