Casualties of the Derecho Return to the MedQuarter

May 25, 2021

Two of the many casualties of the August 10 derecho were the large Grant Wood murals on the southwest corner of A Avenue & 7th Street NE, and the District banners displayed throughout the 55 square blocks that make up the MedQuarter Regional Medical District. All of these were torn from their locations during the storm, lost to the violent gale-force winds.

The Grant Wood mural display is a 20’H x 58’W installation containing reproductions of Spring in the Country and Young Corn which were installed by UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s in 2015. These murals greet everyone as they enter the MedQuarter from I380. The MedQuarter is happy to report this important gateway signage has been restored to welcome visitors with the unique history of the District and artistic importance of the work.

MedQ District banners have been on display since 2014 and were in their fourth iteration of graphic design. On August 10, 106 of the 115 banners and their mounting hardware were ripped away from their posts by the strong winds. After surveying MedQuarter District Stakeholders in February, it was decided that the banners would be replaced. To help emphasize the purpose of the medical district, and to encourage people not to postpone their health care, the message ‘Stay Well in the MedQ’ was adopted. The freshly designed banners have been ordered and installation will begin in May.

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