Encouraging Civil Debate & Leading By Example

May 25, 2021

Each year the Economic Alliance leadership strategizes plans for the upcoming year. Various aspects come into play as we develop our goals and tactics. We start with our members’ needs, driven by Innovation Council and Policy Board members, then look at upcoming nationwide trends and push ourselves to think “outside the box” to solve community challenges.

The lack of civil, cooperative and collaborate debate in politics is one challenge we’re committed to doing our part to help solve. Some solutions come in the form of common sense – treat others how you want to be treated, and listen to other points of view in a respectful manner. That’s what leaders do.

However, if it were that easy this would not continue being an Economic Alliance strategic initiative. Today’s political climate seems to worsen each year, and the challenge to solve it is no doubt a tough one. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we continue to talk with our members and encourage them to also communicate with elected officials about the return of more civility in politics. We weave the message through all of our public statements on policy issues including guest editorials and remarks before committee hearings. We share these expectations in private meetings with elected officials reminding them that compromise and collaboration are good things. We also show our public support to elected officials who work together focusing on community service, not political bantering.

Some may wonder why we bother attempting to solve this puzzle. When elected figures concentrate solely on political grandstanding using bitter comments towards their colleagues, they aren’t working to solve issues. Our pro-growth issues are bipartisan. In the past few years, this has become an important part of our success in seeing results and it’s why we are committed as ever to political civility.

We believe the business community can lead on this front. Every day business leaders make tough choices and compromises to keep their businesses afloat and employees on the payroll. Likewise, by focusing on our common interests, not political divisions, policy makers can address our current needs and help build a more sustainable, equitable future for Iowa and our nation.

The Economic Alliance is a non-partisan organization, advocating for a diverse set of business interests. We value different perspectives, promote collaboration and encourage pragmatic policymaking. We strongly support 1st Amendment rights for all people, encouraging elected officials, candidates and citizens to be civil in discussions and debates on policy issues and political opinions and we are committed to leading by example.

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