Happy Trails - Spring Vibrancy Blooming in Downtown

May 25, 2021

For the past several years, the Economic Alliance has worked with Blooms Garden Center and Gift Shop to plant over 6,000 flowers and seasonal plants throughout Downtown and the New Bohemia/Czech Village districts. This year, we’re adding to that beautification list and including overall trail improvements to a section of the American Discovery Trail that passes through the heart of Downtown.

Upkeep on our community bike trails carry an economic impact as the local bicycling community continues to grow and expand year after year. Work is set to begin at Cedar Lake later this summer for the ConnectCR project and the trail will need to be in top shape.

All worn and weathered shrub material will be removed with a variety of new plantings including flowering shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses taking their place. The railroad-tie wall will be removed and rebuilt with new wood, along with completely revamping the hosta bed where additional perennials will be added for color. All existing perennial and shrub beds will be refreshed with new mulch, leaving the trails weaving downtown a beautiful spectacle for all to enjoy.

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