A Unique Class of Community Leaders

May 25, 2021

Leadership for Five Seasons

Leadership for Five Seasons classes have developed a fun rivalry over the years about an identifying characteristic of each class. It started with classes boasting they were the best ever (i.e. LFS Class of 2000 – Best Class Ever). As hashtags became a common understanding, classes began using monikers such as #NicestClassEver, #ClosestClassEver and #WhatCoffeeTable as ways to identify themselves during their year.

Even among rival classes, I doubt there would be much beef if the Class of 2021 decides on #MostUniqueClassEver. Having survived a pandemic year still bound together as a Leadership Class is something none of the other 37 classes can match. Meeting in-person when they could and virtually when they had to, this class has truly been on a journey. Congratulations to the class, and thank you for your perseverance, patience and resilience. It’ll be interesting to see how this class works together in community leadership over the years and whether their future experiences will be different in any way – perhaps stronger – because of their shared adventure through this past year.

This month will be a sprint to the finish for the class. By postponing some of the curriculum until now, they’ll be able to get more in-person experiences that we just couldn’t navigate last winter. They’re packing Arts & Culture Day and Entrepreneurial Day into May, then doing their class project in early June to finish up their year. At the same time, we’ll be doing interviews and selections for the Class of 2022, so it’s a heavy and exciting LFS time period for us all.

Much thanks and appreciation, too, to the volunteer leaders for this year’s class. All of you had to be creative, flexible and adaptive. You succeeded in providing high-quality content, leadership learning and community experiences even under the toughest of circumstances. Fantastic job.

Leadership for Five Seasons and its various offshoots are foundational programs of the Economic Alliance and one of the things I’m most proud of. More than 1,330 people have graduated from the adult class, and the alumni roster reads like a Who’s Who of the most successful people in this region. Additionally, hundreds more have come through the Executive, College and Youth programs of LFS that were started over the years after the amazing success of the original adult program.

Here’s to many more LFS classes and their unique experiences. And hopefully never again quite like this previous year.


Doug Neumann

Executive Director

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