Storm Drain Murals Get a Fresh Coat

Aug 19, 2021

You may notice new vibrancy and color on some storm drains in the Downtown Cedar Rapids area. Local artists have spruced up their work on the city drains, which remind downtown patrons that they can help stop polluting our waterways like the Cedar River. The message is simple: the storm drains lead to the river, let’s keep them clean.

Originally created in 2019, seven local artists took to the streets to paint murals on storm drains in prominent locations in both Kingston Village and along 1st Street SE. These pieces held up decently over the last two years, but through the regular wear and tear of harsh seasons, they were in need of a touchup this summer to stay impactful and vibrant. Local artists Hannah Jannusch, Kelsey Worcester, Ariane Perret-Parks, Rebecca Wright, Lauren Manninen, and Gary Bannister spruced up their works from the summer of 2019, and the pieces now have renewed and impactful messaging for years to come.

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