Welcoming Week Returns to Cedar Rapids September 10-19

Aug 19, 2021

Welcoming Week brings together immigrants, refugees, and long-time residents to build strong connections and affirm the importance of welcoming and inclusive places.

At a time when political rhetoric has deepened divisions and the COVID-19 pandemic has renewed anti-immigrant sentiment, Welcoming Week reminds us to double down on our inclusive vision and find new ways to bring together people across lines of difference to develop greater understanding and mutual support.

Welcoming Week 2021 will be held September 10-19. There will be various events and programs throughout the community over the course of the week including AsianFest, Festival Latino and September 18 Downtown Farmers Market. The Economic Alliance hopes to enhance the awareness of these events and the message of Welcoming Week with impactful visuals and storytelling. We will be launching Welcoming Wings, a collection of culture-focused wing installments that people can interact with by taking pictures and sharing their personal stories on social media. Each set of wings has its own story to tell, highlighting different cultures and ethnicities that are prominent throughout our community.

The entire collection of wings will come together for a final installment at the September 18 Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers Market, where several local nonprofits will share their knowledge on Welcoming Week and how it impacts their organizations. Join us as we open our arms and wings to Welcoming Week this September, and learn more at www.welcomingweekcr.com.

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