MedQuarter Marks 10th Anniversary with Progress Report and Cookies Delivered to District Businesses

Sep 30, 2021

MedQuarter Regional Medical District 10th Anniversary Brochure

In September of 2011 the Cedar Rapids City Council approved the city’s second Self-Supporting Municipal Improvement District (SSMID), a self-taxing mechanism, by establishing the Cedar Rapids Medical SSMID for the next 20 years. Better known as the MedQuarter Regional Medical District, the new SSMID got underway by seating a 12-member commission; initiating a District Master Development Plan; and forming several committees to spearhead District Safety, Finance & Operations, Branding & Marketing, Economic Development and Standards. Now, ten years later, the Commission is marking the anniversary by delivering specially crafted 10th Anniversary brochures and fresh cookies to District businesses.

Using the tag line, ‘It’s Sweet to be in the MedQ!’ the District’s Executive Director, Phil Wasta, will visit more than 100 businesses throughout the week of September 20-24 with special deliveries for each of them. “I think that it’s important that the district’s stakeholders be informed about what has been accomplished in the first ten years and that they feel appreciated for their support,” Wasta said.

The 10th Anniversary brochures being delivered provide a high-level overview of the different initiatives and projects that the Medical SSMID has accomplished to-date, ranging from the district banner program to the adoption and implementation of the MedQuarter Master Parkway Improvement Plan. The District has invested nearly $2.5M to improve ten blocks along 10th Street and 1st Avenue.

The cookies are from Kathy’s Pies, one of the dozens of unique, locally owned businesses located in the MedQuarter. Here’s to celebrating the sweet success of ten years, MedQ!

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