New Hire Highlights Economic Alliance Efforts to Interact More with Members

Sep 30, 2021

Stephanie Hamilton

Recognizing the increasing need to engage more with its growing membership, the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance has hired Stephanie Hamilton in the newly-created Business Support Strategist position. Stephanie will begin reaching out to Economic Alliance members in September upon joining the team.

“As our membership grows, we are finding the need to add talented staff to engage more with all our members,” said Doug Neumann, Executive Director at the Economic Alliance. “This past year we made a concerted effort to increase our membership. Stephanie will work on retention of members to make sure they are experiencing the full value of their partnership with the Economic Alliance.”

In this new position, Ms. Hamilton will focus on improving relationships with existing members while Anne Laugen, Membership Specialist, will continue her work in attraction and growth of membership.

“Our members are at the heart of everything we do,” said Neumann. “We are putting even more focus here to make sure our members feel like they are being heard and served.”

Ms. Hamilton will also become the liaison for the Economic Alliance’s Business Support Innovation Council, where she will listen to and interact with small businesses, especially those locally owned places that have been the focus of recent campaigns and efforts of this Innovation Council.

Ms. Hamilton has a history of working in nonprofit organizations with experience leading the American Diabetes Association and the Alzheimer’s Association of Iowa. We are thrilled to welcome her as the newest member of the Economic Alliance team.

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