Be Prepared for November Election Day

Oct 18, 2021

Tuesday, November 2 is Election Day 2021. Voters will make decisions on local elected officials, as well as decide on two important ballot initiatives. While the Economic Alliance is a non-partisan entity and does not formally endorse or donate to political candidates, we do encourage our members to be informed on the issues and vote for business and community-friendly candidates and initiatives when they go to the polls.

Vote November 2, 2021

At the beginning of October, we launched our annual Voter Resource Guide at to assist you in your decision-making process. It’s designed to be a resource for you when making your voting decisions for legislators representing Linn County.

In years past, we’ve asked the candidates the simple but important question of why the business community should support them. We’ve also asked them to provide examples of when they’ve worked with groups that may disagree with their positions. Promoting bipartisanship and collaboration is important to the Economic Alliance and our members, and it’s why we have ramped up our efforts to encourage solution-oriented policymakers at all levels of government.

The political arena has become increasingly toxic, hampering good policies from becoming realities. We’re advocating for that to change. We support debates, disagreements and discussions, as it’s the way we work out issues and come to agreements, but those discussions are only productive if they are civil. We need to continue to push policymakers to return to civility and compromise to achieve the best results.

For more information on the pubic measures that the Economic Alliance supports, help finding your polling location, and to learn how to vote early visit Please contact Barbra Solberg, Economic Alliance Public Policy Strategist, with any questions or comments you may have at

This message is paid for by the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, 501 First St. SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401. The executive director of the Economic Alliance is Doug Neumann. This message is not authorized by any candidate, candidate’s committee or ballot issue committee.

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