Solutions for a Future-Forward Workforce

Oct 18, 2021

Future Forward Workforce Solutions Event

It’s no secret that the workforce has seen peaks and valleys in the last year and a half. Workers, managers and community leaders need to seize the moment and use these uncertain times to shake up their workplace culture, as the future of the workforce is changing. The Economic Alliance, along with the Downtown Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District and MedQuarter Regional Medical District, hosted a unique experience for members at the East Bank Venue on September 15 with critically acclaimed New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice author and fellow in Economics at Oxford University, Daniel Susskind.

The hour-long discussion led by local leaders, Lura McBride (CEO of Van Meter) and Jon Dusek (President of Armstrong Development), focused on answering some key questions in the current workforce mix:

  • What is the future vision for commercial real estate, especially in our core districts?
  • What does the workplace long-term look like on the other side of the pandemic?
  • How can the ICR region quickly position itself for the future to increase our population and consequently grow our workforce?
  • Susskind’s key takeaway for the audience of over 150 area business leaders was this: “How, given the technology today, can we do things very differently?” With many area businesses still feeling the effects of both the pandemic and derecho, this is a critical time for them to modify traditional workplace ways to attract new workforce power. Susskind stressed that employers need to understand and be adaptive in the new ways technology has empowered employees to be “present” and flexible in managing their work-life balance. While there is still much uncertainty on the horizon, one thing is for certain, the shifts in workplace culture are here to stay, and it’s those who step up to the plate first that will reap the rewards of an out-of-the-park and satisfied workforce.

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