How We Are Supporting Local This Weekend Ft. Eric Van Kerckhove

Economic Alliance | Jul 06, 2022

Weekend itineraries featuring great Cedar Rapids area restaurants, shopping, recreation, arts and culture and more! Thanks to Gr… Read More

Child Care Wins - Local Businesses and Organizations Provide Innovative Solutions

Economic Alliance | Jul 06, 2022

​Childcare. A powerful word that carries immense importance to families and the workforce across the nation. For independence… Read More

Economic Alliance Interns: Giving Young Professionals the Opportunity to be Part of Community Change

Economic Alliance | Jun 30, 2022

​Connecting the pieces to help solve workforce problems in our community is top of mind at the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Allia… Read More

When Closing Doors Opens New Opportunities – The Legacy of Phelan’s Interiors

Economic Alliance | Jun 24, 2022

​Rooted in Cedar Rapids for the last 85 years, Phelan’s Interiors prepares to close it’s retail doors for the last time at the e… Read More

Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust Celebrates 20 Years as Community Champions

Economic Alliance | Jun 23, 2022

The city’s beloved Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers Market would not have life without the support of like-minded, community-driven… Read More

Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance Offers "Free Summer" List

Economic Alliance | Jun 16, 2022

Recognizing that rising gas prices may be forcing local families to rethink summer vacation plans, the Cedar Rapids Metro Econom… Read More

Helping Feed the Community Through Connections

Economic Alliance | Jun 13, 2022

​The Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers Market is back for its seventeenth season, and catering to not just the food, flower, and sty… Read More

Celebrating 40 Years of Connecting Community Leaders - Leadership for Five Seasons

Economic Alliance | Jun 09, 2022

Nearly 1,400 business professionals have passed through the Leadership for Five Seasons program gaining life long skills that be… Read More

Building Momentum in Cedar Rapids with “Race for the Space”

Economic Alliance | Jun 06, 2022

​The Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance launched a program dubbed, Race for the Space earlier this spring. It’s a business com… Read More

Solving Tomorrow’s Challenges, Today - Crystal Group Receives Manufacturing 4.0 Grant

Economic Alliance | May 27, 2022

Offering integrated solutions that are tailored to meet the exact needs of clients, Crystal Group incorporates emerging technolo… Read More

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