Constructing Our Future with Billions in Schools, Infrastructure and Water Improvements

Economic Alliance | Jul 11, 2019

The decade spanning from 2010-2020 has seen much of the Cedar Rapids metro area engrossed in flood recovery. National discussion… Read More

Surviving & Thriving in an e-Commerce World

Economic Alliance | Jul 11, 2019

Engaging with small and locally-owned businesses to help them succeed is part of the Economic Alliance’s Business Support core f… Read More

Visioning For the Future of Czech Village/New Bohemia District

Economic Alliance | Jul 11, 2019

In early June, the City of Cedar Rapids sought public input on the Czech Village/NewBo Action Plan, a comprehensive look at the … Read More

Leadership for Five Seasons Youth Program Increases Potential Workforce Retention

Economic Alliance | Jul 11, 2019

The Leadership for Five Seasons Youth Program identifies and selects 40 Cedar Rapids metro area high school students that demons… Read More

Engage With the Future Workforce and Explore Innovative Solutions for Your Business With Iowa BIG

Economic Alliance | Jul 11, 2019

Iowa BIG connects high school students and businesses to create a real-world learning experience for students that develops thei… Read More

Child Care Solutions Can Lead to Greater Workforce Availability

Economic Alliance | Jul 11, 2019

How is child care connected to workforce shortages? In more ways than you might think. Workforce availability is the top conc… Read More

New Sculptures on Display in MedQ Park on 3rd

Economic Alliance | Jun 28, 2019

There are a couple new additions to the MedQ Park on 3rd! Thanks to Gilded Pear Gallery, two sculptures are now on display. C… Read More

Share Your Input As We Build Our 2020 Public Policy Agendas

Sysadmin Sysadmin | Jun 27, 2019

Now is the time of year when our public policy team begins building our federal and state advocacy agenda for next year. Econom… Read More

Immigration Reform: Increasing Our Workforce

Sysadmin Sysadmin | Jun 26, 2019

​Our members consistently tell us that growing our skilled workforce is their number one concern. Advocating for immigration ref… Read More

Summer in Downtown

Economic Alliance | Jun 24, 2019

The temperature rises, and suddenly, life just seems a little better. Flowers bloom, restaurant patios fill up, and the days las… Read More

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