CID Airport Cargo Soaring to New Heights

Economic Alliance | May 05, 2022

​When most people hear the word airport, they visualize travel, vacations, and business trips. However, around the Eastern Iowa … Read More

Growing the Connection, Together.

Economic Alliance | May 02, 2022

​Creating connections, one person at a time. That’s the ImOn Communication’s purpose as they plan to cover the entire Cedar Rap… Read More

Ignite ICR Lights Up Again for 2022

Economic Alliance | Apr 28, 2022

​Businesses, organizations and interns, here’s an announcement that will get you fired up! After several years of less-than-norm… Read More

New Competition Races into Downtown Cedar Rapids in 2022

Economic Alliance | Apr 27, 2022

​They say opportunity knocks softly. A new competition is coming to downtown Cedar Rapids in 2022, and it’s an opportunity knock… Read More

A Vital Workforce Cog in Kirkwood Community College

Economic Alliance | Apr 20, 2022

​Living in Iowa, its likely you categorize as either a Hawkeye fan or a Cyclone fan. When it comes to NFL football, maybe a Pack… Read More

Free DEI Assessment Open for Area Businesses

Economic Alliance | Apr 18, 2022

Inclusive ICR, a regional coalition with a mission to grow diversity and inclusion in the workforce throughout the region, has a… Read More

Cutting Edge Technology Ensures a Positive Workplace Culture at New Leader Manufacturing

Economic Alliance | Apr 08, 2022

​New hardware is coming to New Leader Manufacturing as they continue to look for ways to help address workforce issues and ensur… Read More

LFS Youth Class of 2022 Welcomes New Neighbors and New Opportunities

Economic Alliance | Apr 06, 2022

​Opening the eyes of the community’s younger generation to the many opportunities, resources, and people in the Cedar Rapids met… Read More

"Leeping" Success for Workforce Heroes

Economic Alliance | Mar 28, 2022

​Workforce: the “W” word that’s been heavily lingering top of mind for months on end. If only the solution were as simple as bla… Read More

Cedar Rapids Restaurant Week 2022 - 5 Stars From the City of Five Seasons

Economic Alliance | Mar 11, 2022

​The most scrumptious time of the year has come and gone, leaving plates clean, bellies full, and many diners and restaurants fu… Read More

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