CHOMPCHOMP is a local food delivery service that connects diners with tasty cuisine from local restaurants in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. CHOMP’s mascot is a friendly tyrannosaurus rex with an open mouth full of sharp fangs, an apt metaphor for a company that is literally biting at the heels of big national food delivery businesses.

“CHOMP is an affordable, local alternative to the national food delivery services,” says managing member Adam Weeks. “We allow our customers to order delivery from local restaurants and keep the revenue from their purchase 100 percent local.”

Weeks and his team started CHOMP four years ago with the goal of supporting the Corridors’ many delis, cafes, bars, and restaurants. The company employs 10 people and contracts with 120 drivers. CHOMP donates a percentage of every dollar collected to local charities.

Chomp Advertisement“We started out in Iowa City and then expanded to Cedar Rapids,” says Weeks. “We truly enjoy being part of the restaurant community in Cedar Rapids, a place that many of our staff and drivers call home. We also employ a lot of students, and they enjoy connecting with restaurant staff and residents.”

CHOMP credits the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance for helping it create a solid B2B network, which has been crucial to adding restaurants to its roster of eateries. The Economic Alliance has also promoted the business and its mission in publications and on its website, Weeks says, and this help has contributed to CHOMP’s “tremendous growth and development.”

Since CHOMP works so closely with restaurants, its management team, staff members, and drivers have witnessed up close the heavy toll that Covid-19 has had on the industry. Some restaurants CHOMP works with are only open for limited hours and still aren’t back to full staffing. However, Weeks is confident the industry will bounce back.

“Restaurant owners and their staffs are resilient,” Weeks says. “They will get back up, just look at what they’ve already survived in terms of the derecho and pandemic-related supply shortages.”

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, CHOMP staff and drivers had to make changes in terms of personal protection gear, food hygiene, and infection risk reduction, but they made them quickly and without complaint. “The pandemic placed huge demands on our staff, but we made it through,” says Weeks. “We’re super proud to be where we are today with the team that we have built.”

220 Lafayette St. #180
Ph: (888) 319-2824
Learn more about CHOMP at

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