Covenant Family Solutions

Covenant Family Solutions

Covenant Family SolutionsThe Covid-19 pandemic negatively impacted the mental health of many Americans, and Covenant Family Solutions is doing all it can to bring much-needed counseling to those who need it most.

Covenant Family Solutions (CFS) strengthens lives through mental health support, including innovative therapy, medication management, and intervention services. The CFS team also excels at family-based treatment such as couples counseling, play therapy, and EMDR, a technique primarily used to treat trauma and PTSD. The organization also works directly with local businesses to assess and support the mental health needs of employees.

Covenant Family SolutionsCFS offers free, monthly mental health webinars, which can be accessed via the group’s Facebook page. A self-help video library is available on the organization's website, CFS also offers Workplace Mental Health Assessments, Concierge Therapy for Professionals, and an Enhanced Employee Assistance Program. These programs examine the intersection of workplace stress and employee mental health to identify and address issues of productivity, workforce retention, and workplace culture.

“It is rewarding to see how well our team has worked together to seek new and innovative ways to serve the community,” says Dr. Jacob Christenson, CEO of Covenant Family Solutions. “Because people spend a significant part of their day at work, much of our efforts in the past year have focused on developing cutting-edge mental health solutions for the workplace.”

Roughly half of all people will face a mental health issue in the course of their lifetime. Mental health problems are persistent and they don’t disappear during holidays, the school week, or business meetings. The therapists and team members at CFS are driven to provide quality mental health care and to make a real difference in the lives of local residents.

“Mental health is important and impacts nearly every facet of our lives,” says Christenson. “We are grateful to be part of a community that prioritizes doing the very best to serve and support every community member.”

Covenant Family Solutions
819 5th St. SE & 2720 1st Ave. NE, Ste. 300
Ph: (319) 200-5104
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