Buy Here, Give Here, Grow Here

You have the power to drive economic growth by supporting local businesses and nonprofits. The dollars you spend here recirculate in our community creating positive economic impact.


Buy Here

Each dollar you spend locally returns an average of 3X more to our community than buying elsewhere. Buy Here features 5 local businesses that represent what makes our local economy and adds value for local consumers.

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Give Here

Give Here features 5 non-profit organizations that have a hand in solving one of the most pressing issues in the region: workforce availability. Non-profits develop and upskill today and tomorrow's workforce and serve as a community resource to support our workforce.

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Grow Here

Many businesses grow here through mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships with other businesses. The supplies and resources businesses require for day-to-day operations, and to grow, are available locally. Grow Here features 5 businesses that offer a product or service many businesses could benefit from, while also creating our close-knit, innovative and neighborly local business culture.

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