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Local Pour logoWhen Justin Zehr and Tim Kindl set out to create the newest brewpub in Kingston Village, the inspiration was simple. Street food lacks the restrictions of more traditional concepts and gives these creative proprietors the ability to create food that crosses cultures and styles. The feeling they’re going for at Local Pour Street Food is light. They want people to laugh. They want people to have fun. You can see that clearly in the name of one seasonal cocktail on the menu named “Ugg Boots & Yoga Pants.”

Local Pour burger

Don’t mistake the lighthearted nature of Local Pour Street Food as lacking in mission or values. When it comes to the greater good, these two have a laser-like focus on business development, the food and beverage industry and the Cedar Rapids community.They’re proud to be part of the Kingston Village rebirth.

“That’s what is in the future for us, grow and help Cedar Rapids grow too,” said Kindl. “We want to do our part to get Kingston Village there, and maybe Local Pour will help kickstart it.”

One of the more successful tactics Zehr and Kindl employ is their ability to tap into underserved niche food genres in the Cedar Rapids culinary scene. It doesn’t hurt that they're also running one of the best cocktail programs in the city.

“It’s a culture thing,” said Zehr. “The culture shift is finally happening in Cedar Rapids and all these smaller restaurants, not chain, not corporate - are supportive of each other. We don’t view it as these people competing against us, it’s a focus on synergy.”

Local Pour & Street Food
302 3rd Ave. SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
(319) 364-4042


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