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There's No Quit! Kickboxing Studio participants

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Kickboxers at There's No Quit! Kickboxing and Self Defense Studio in Marion, Iowa“What are you grabbing?”

“Hair! Ears!”

There’s No Quit! Kickboxing and Self Defense Studio is one place you can hear this kind of interaction and not bat an eye. One of Marion’s newest additions, There’s No Quit! is owned by Marion native Duane Johnson and his wife Lisa. The duo offers kickboxing classes and self-defense seminars with instructional teaching and hands-on learning.

Duane spent 15 years serving as a police officer, deputy and criminal investigator, sharing the grief and pain with victims of a violent encounter. Now, he hopes to empower individuals with knowledge of defensive tactics and kickboxing, so if a violent encounter should occur, they’re prepared.

Duane and Lisa view these skills as essential for everyone, no matter their age or gender.

“We learn defensive skills when we learn to drive, why not learn self-defense to protect ourselves and our family?” asks Duane.

There's No Quit! quote at There's No Quit! Kickboxing and Self Defense Studio in Marion, Iowa

Those self-defense skills are peppered into every kickboxing class, with a deeper dive available with self-defense seminars, like how to recognize and prevent a violent encounter, standing and ground fighting techniques and disarming an armed attacker. The seminars are offered in-studio and as corporate trainings.

After meeting in Florida, Duane and Lisa moved to Marion in 2013.

“It’s my hometown. We love Marion,” remarks Duane. The supportive, inviting Marion business community was a driving factor in their decision to open the business in the fast-growing Iowa city. Stop into the studio, nestled just outside of the Uptown Marion Main Street District.

There's No Quit! Kickboxing and Self Defense Studio
1317 7th Ave.
Marion, IA 52302

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