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Local non-profits make up an important part of the business community. We're highlighting several that have a hand in solving one of the most pressing issues in the region: workforce availability. Consider supporting non-profits that are developing and upskilling today and tomorrow’s workforce, or that serve as a community resource to support the workforce.


Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC)

The Area Substance Abuse Council (ASAC) provides accessible, comprehensive behavioral health services delivered with dignity, respect and professionalism to reduce the impact of substance use and gambling disorders. Their services follow the continuum of care beginning with substance abuse and problem gambling prevention and moving through the various levels of treatment and recovery services.

ASAC is one of the oldest and most comprehensive substance use disorder treatment and prevention agencies in Iowa. Treatment services like those offered at ASAC maximize the potential for a successful long-term recovery. Individuals acquire the skills, resources and supports to gain and maintain employment, stable housing and independent living. This has a substantially positive impact on not only the individual and family unit, but also on the entire community that interacts with the family each day, and on the business economy. ASAC also provides prevention services to workplaces, including educational programs and consultation on substance-related workplace policies. Outpatient counseling and support groups are offered so that working individuals are able to continue their treatment while maintaining employment.

Full-time employees: 121
Part-time employees: 48
Address: 3601 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
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Catherine McAuley Center

Catherine McCauley Center LogoThe Catherine McAuley Center was founded in 1989 by the Sisters of Mercy. The center is named after Catherine McAuley, who believed that education is imperative to ease the struggles of those in poverty. Today the center aims to provide stability, skill-building, and connections for at-risk women and the refugee and immigrant population in Cedar Rapids.

The Catherine McAuley Center provides critical services to develop working individuals in our community. The nonprofit offers programs like the Adult Basic Education Program, which provides free English as a Second Language instruction, as well as classes on citizenship, civics, math and computer skills. More than 450 learners are served each year through these classes and programs. They also provide refugee resettlement services, employment education and job seeking support, in-home child care business development training, and resource navigation assistance to over 250 refugees and immigrants each year.

Local employers can partner with the Catherine McAuley Center to connect with individuals who recently sought refuge in the U.S. and are seeking employment, and can help with their transition into a new job. The Catherine McAuley Center recently purchased a new building that is four times the size of their current location and plans to occupy it next year at the conclusion of a capital campaign.

Full-time employees: 24
Part-time employees: 6
Address: 866 4th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403


The New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative (NewBoCo)

New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative LogoThe New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative, Inc. (NewBoCo) is a Cedar Rapids-based nonprofit that offers programming support in entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology education to help Iowans become more resilient and thrive in a changing economy.

NewBoCo is building a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurial resources in order to create impactful startup businesses that grow in our community. Its Iowa Startup Accelerator has seen 49 companies complete the program, creating 92 jobs and collectively raising over $14 million. NewBoCo also ensures that Eastern Iowa intrapreneurs are able to leverage changes technology, and more than a dozen local organizations have participated in the Intrapreneur Academy to do just that! NewBoCo also offers DeltaV, Iowa’s premier adult code school that is addressing the lack of software developers in Iowa. Reporting graduates of DeltaV are employed within four months of graduation with an average starting salary of $58,400. Through a partnership with, a national nonprofit, NewBoCo offers free professional development workshops to train current teachers on how to teach computer science. NewBoCo has trained more than 450 teachers, impacting over 18,000 students in Iowa.

Full-time employees: 17
Part-time employees: 0
Address: 415 12th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
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Neighborhood Finance Corporation

Neighborhood Finance Corporation Cedar Rapids (NFC CR) is a not-for-profit and licensed Iowa mortgage lender providing unique home loans and lending programs to facilitate neighborhood revitalization in Cedar Rapids. NFC CR opened an office in Cedar Rapids in October 2018 and closed its first loan January 2019. The organization is a partnership between the City of Cedar Rapids, local financial institutions, the business community and neighborhood organizations.

Data from the latest Comprehensive Housing Needs Update prepared for the City of Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids will need 1,081 new housing units in the next two years. From 2020 to 2030, the local housing market is projected to gain 7,375 households that will need housing. National and local data indicates that the majority of these housing units will need to be workforce housing, meaning they’re affordable to households earning between 60-120% of the area median income.

The housing supply of homes in the $130,000 to $200,000 price range is very low. Yet, there are homes in our neighborhoods that are contributing to blight and aren’t selling due to the significant repairs needed to provide safe housing. NFC CR is working to preserve existing housing and strengthen neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids through purchase-renovation and home improvement loans.

This year, NFC CR celebrated more than $1.25 million in investment. NFC has helped 32 borrowers purchase and/or renovate homes in seven Cedar Rapids neighborhood lending areas.

Full-time employees: 3
Part-time employees: 7
Address: 1110 Old Marion Road Suite A, Cedar Rapids
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Young Parents Network (YPN)

YPN (formerly Young Parents Network) creates a network of support through education and resources, to build confidence and personal accountability for healthy and successful families. The nonprofit was locally founded in 1985 by community leaders who recognized an unmet need for expectant and parenting young women. Since then, programming has grown to include services for fathers, as well as culturally specific programming for the Latino and African immigrant/refugee populations. In addition to prenatal and parenting group offerings, YPN provides participants with home visitation services and access to the We Care Shop, YPN’s incentive-based store.

The organization uniquely adds value to the local business economy through the education and support of participants who are working and raising their families in the Cedar Rapids metro area. 70% of participants are employed, and YPN offers employment education presentations on a variety of career-related topics including job search and resume building. Further, YPN partners with Kirkwood Community College's 'Pathways for Academic Career Education and Employment' program, which provides academic, personal and financial support to individuals who are currently earning a wage lower than a livable wage for their family.

Full-time employees: 9
Part-time employees: 4
Address: 420 6th Street SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
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